The Reptilian Single

by Raymond Weilacher

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"The Reptilian Single" is a special release in anticipation of the full length "Reptilian" album, to be released Fall, 2014. Includes the titular "Reptilian" single as well as three bonus tracks.


released May 31, 2014

Dexter Ford: Electric Guitar, Bass, and Drums
Kris Trott: Acoustic Guitar




Raymond Weilacher Dallas, Texas

Raymond Weilacher is a synthpop musician inspired by both the Pop music of the 80's and experimental acts like Gary Wilson and Istvan Kantor. Through his musical works, Weilacher slowly constructs a narrative concerning the merits of paranoia, extraterrestrial incursions into earth politics, and the tightening net of control in the “free” world. ... more

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Track Name: Reptilian (Single Version)
Deep underground
Is where I have found
A race of eternal beings
Plotting endlessly
Seeking control of the
Earth and its inhabitants
They will stop at nothing
To justify their habits
Please take my hand
Together we'll find a land
Where we can live so free
Like we were meant to be
Learn to live again
There in our promised land
A million miles away
The secret rulers say:
No one gets away
Your money or your life to stay
If you think things are bad
You haven't seen anything
From the fourth and fifth dimension
From a dark and distant star
We're here to subjugate you
Just because we are

Rep-Reptilian underneath my skin

Rep-Reptilian underneath my skin
Rep-Reptilian problem

Annunaki from the stars
Did you wander very far
Did you build the pyramids
Were you behind mankind's wars
Did you give a thought for us
Sentient beings you would crush
Genetic experiments created by alien touch

Every leader of every nation
Going back a thousand generations
Has fed us lies
And still we hunger for more
If I could find you
You would see
The strength, noble humanity
I'd puncture every starship hull
I'd beat out your brains against the wall


As humanity presses on
Will you sing your swan song
Can I evolve, can I grow up
Can I shed my need for this

Track Name: Set Adrift
Outside in the rain
It comes down hard
You always said you'd live with the scars
But the scars they never heal

Do what you feel
That's what they say when you're young
But how can you overcome
All the feelings that you know are wrong

And you wonder why
When you lay your head down at night
The only sound that comes to mind
Is cackling laughter and the shrill moonlight

Set adrift on the river to nowhere
The current's swift
Do I dare?

Of course it's all been said before
Over and over
Like a record skip or a sitcom rerun
That used to be fun
Until it all went wrong
How long, how long must we...
Well, you know

Even in the end
The messages we still send
Are mixed and remixed
The authorial intent
No longer clear

Track Name: Secret Rulers of the World (Acoustic)
Some people are climbing a holy mountain
Some people are searching for the Jews
Some folks seek the good word in the good book
Some keep their eye on the news

We are all looking for the rulers of the world
Who are the masters of the game
We are all seeking the secret rulers of the world
We all want to find the ones to blame
To blame

To some they are Satanists
To others, globalists
Cabalists or alchemists
And communists too
And then there's UFOs
Don't get me started on UFOs
The CIA don't like what I say
The CIA don't want you to hear
The NSA's gonna lock you away
The FBI's gonna lock you away


The drone's are controlled
From deep within the Earth
The button pushers are 8-foot tall
Bug eyed lizard men
The immortals are stirring
At the ley lines, they run deep
Giza and Stonehenge align
Giza and Stonehenge align

The primitive man is destined
To live in a world of shadows
The modern man is blinded
From staring into the sun

In a ruined temple
In a city below the sea
There rests the final answer
The truth plain to see
On an alter stained with blood
There lies a mirror polished clear
And below the inscription:
The secret rulers dwelleth here

Track Name: Sometimes (You're In Love) (2014 Version)
Go to work
Work all day
All you want
Is time to play

The sun sets
It feels so nice
To go out
Enjoy the night

Sometimes in the back of the club
You're in love

You get dressed up
And stay out late
Maybe tonight
You'll find a date

The wine pours
But nothing more
You go home